Hangar 9 CubCrafters XCub 60cc

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Having experienced a loss of interest in flying model airplanes, I thought perhaps that the purchase of a Hangar 9 CubCrafters XCub 60cc ARTF at the end of last year might Ginger up my enthusiasm. Unfortunately this has not proved the case, largely due to the poor design and presentation of the kit. The model is designed for electric use or petrol IC (Horizons 62cc Evolution) and having suffered one Evolution engine, I elected to go to my manufacturer of choice and fit the OS GT 60cc. This presented a problem regarding the position of the throttle servo, as the orientation of the carburettor controls is different from the Evolution. This has proved a bit of a hassle to say the least.

I tend to get quite bored putting planes together so generally only manage an hour at a time; so at only a few hours a week it’s taking awhile.

This is where I’m Up to so far.

I put the transmitter in the shot to illustrate the size of the tundra wheels.

The model comes with a tow release which I have fitted.

The tail controls are in a compartment in the bottom of the fuselage, probably so that they are not visible in the cabin.

The wing struts which are not fitted in the photo are not as well done as those on Hangar 9’s 1/4 scale Cubs which will make transportation difficult.

All in all I’m beginning to wish I had not bought it. I suspect it will fly well, so its just a question of if I finish it before the end of the summer.





At the field this week so far

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Kevin East had his Futura scrutinised and got his certificate allowing it to be flown at the field, which he did. Great displays.

Thank you Don Fraser for the photograph.

Most of the usual Tuesday crew were present for a pleasant day although the wind got a bit chilly by mid afternoon.


The two Alans marked out the runways. Looks great, thanks chaps.



BMFC Thursday lunch club


Training day for A & B certificates

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Weather was kind and the event was well attended. I’m sure a number of people learned a lot and went away with a much better idea of what is required and how to do it.

Congratulations to Matt Epps who passed his ‘A’

Taylor Veasey was there, getting to know his petrol powered Wot 4 XL which he plans to use to do his ‘B’ when hes good and familiar with it.

Thank you to Bob Ryan, Steve Brett and Dave Warren for what turned out for them to be quite a long day.


Message from Alan Cooper about invaders

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Today up the field at 14.30 we had a quad bike with 2 masked individuals on it trying to get onto our field. Myself and malcolm D were flying at the time of our first sighting of them. They could not get across our ditches. But they did get into the locked part off our road. Because by this time I had landed and was moving towards our car park they turned right towards our locked gate. They can get into our car park, our cars where open and stuff on the grass. It would be a good move to warn members not to leave cars open with stuff on the grass, they will return at some point. We also had 2 solo motorcycles tearing up the farmers field most of the time we were there. Pic shows there entry point. We should consider 2 posts with rusty razor wire strung between them to fill the gap. Alan

The flying field

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Popped up the field yesterday to watch Jon fly his Stearman. He had made some adjustments and found that it flew much better.

The grass looks marvellous after the work that the Alans did on it last Friday. All the grass has been cut with the runways clearly defined by being shorter than the remainder, but in truth you could land or take off anywhere except with something with very small wheels.

It was boardering on hot with little or no wind, very comfortable watching in just a tee shirt and jeans.


DfT publishes amendments to the Air Navigation Order.

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The good news is that our flying field is not affected.

Flight restriction zones

On 13 March 2019 the drone flight restriction zone around airports and airfields changes. The government has introduced a new rule stating that the 1km restriction from the airfield boundary is replaced by a restriction using the airfield’s existing aerodrome traffic zone, which has a radius of either two or two and a half nautical miles and then five kilometres by one kilometre zones starting from the point known as the ‘threshold’ at the end of each of the airfield’s runways. Both zones extend upwards to a height of 2,000 feet above the airfield. It is illegal to fly any drone at any time within these restricted zones unless you have permission from air traffic control at the airport or, if air traffic control is not operational, from the airport itself.

A map detailing the flight restriction zones at each protected aerodrome in the UK can be found at www. dronesafe.uk


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