Car Park

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Whilst the majority of our field drains exceptionally well and never gets muddy, unfortunately the car park can get a bit boggy at this time of year. Not bad enough for cars to get stuck, but tyres can rip up the surface and damage the grass. With this in mind as the car park is currently a bit soggy, we ask that you park on the road if possible, or if you have to use the grass, keep to the area near the road and drive with caution so as not to cut up the surface.

Video of how to complete your renewal form using an Ipad/Iphone

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Following the new item I posted recently I also discovered how to record the sequence of events and add verbal instructions so I did a quick video which I always think makes it easier to understand things than a written description.

you will have to excuse the amateur quality but I think it is understandable.

Sign your renewal form on your phone or tablet

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This morning I was  discussion with a member about the difficulties of not having a printer and their renewal form. He said that he could not locate the original email so I sent his form again.

He said he would pass it on to someone else to print so he could sign it and then photo it with his phone to send back to me. However within minutes of my sending it i received an email with the signed form attached.

He rang back to explain that he had discovered he could sign the pdf I had sent on his tablet, save it and send it back. Now i’m sure that the member concerned would not be insulted if I said he was not an IT expert and if he could do it so could most.

He paid by BACS so the whole thing from receipt of the form (Albeit for the second time) took less than 5 minutes before I got it back.

I had not realised it was so easy to do this, but recommend that you check out the procedure for the tablet or phone that you have and do it that way in future, as its super quick and saves the cost of a stamp and envelope.

Just Two Weeks to Renew

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There was a good attendance at last nights pay your subs night at Pedham place.

As of this morning 72 members have either not yet paid, or paid but not sent in their completed renewal form. Remember if we do not have a signed renewal form for you, you are not registered as having renewed, even if you have paid. Those who have paid but not submitted a completed form by the 30th will have their fee refunded and their place offered to someone on the waiting list

If you have yet to renew, you have just over two weeks to do so. If you do not intend to renew, please let us know and make arrangements for returning your keys.

This is the last reminder if you have not renewed by 30th November your place will be offered to the next person on the waiting list which as usual is bursting at the seams.


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Good News item on the BMFA website

See extract :-

There remained some confusion regarding the extent to which model flying would remain within the scope of the regulations, compounded by the retention of a reference to model flying within UAS.SPEC.010 (General provisions).  However, we have just had confirmation from EASA that this reference to model flying was left in the regulations in error and will be removed.

On this basis, the current draft regulations essentially remove model flying conducted within Associations/Clubs from the scope of the EASA regulations.  EASA have also confirmed our interpretation that a Member State’s Competent Authority (in our case the CAA) can define a complete national regulatory framework for model flying (which may or may not define requirements for age limits, operator registration and competency requirements etc) and that model associations may operate to the resulting national authorisation.  This is exactly what we have today!

However, this still leaves model flying conducted by those operating outside of an Association/Club within the scope of the EASA ‘Open Category’ which imposes height restrictions, age restrictions and also registration and competency requirements to almost all model aircraft up to 25Kg (the maximum limit within the ‘Open Category’).

The facility for a Member State to define areas/zones where model aircraft can operate with exemptions from ‘Open Category’ requirements has also been retained in Article 15 and could potentially help some countries where the requirement to join an Association/Club will be an unwelcome/unworkable imposition.

You can read the whole thing on the BMFA website BMFA – EASA

Halloween Party

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Don’t forget the clubs Halloween Party at the field next Saturday 3rd of November.

As previously this will be a low key, informal affair for members and their families only.

Joe and Ange will be supplying food, similar to before,  pizzas, jacket potatoes and fillings. As prediction of numbers is difficult there will be a finite amount of food available, so arrive early.

Members to bring their own drinks and any additional food they may want. We will almost certainly be firing up the barbecue if the weather permits.

There will be a chemical toilet on site.

Appropriate costumes although not essential, would be good.

We hope that the weather will be kind and enable some night flying, so if you have anything suitable, bring it along.

As this years party falls between the Halloween and Guy Fawkes celebration nights, Joe has said he will be bringing some fireworks; if you want to bring some of your own, feel free to do so.
We will work out some safe system for letting them off when we find out what will be there on the night.


Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2018

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You will be aware that as of July this year there were amendments to the Air Navigation Order (ANO) which details the law regarding all flying (full size of all types including commercial and models).

This is mainly as a result of concerns about quadcopters commonly known as drones. However the amendments, the full import of which still have unknowns, will apply to all unmanned aircraft which means what we fly as models.

Below is a link for the amended order which I suggest you read.


Particular points of interest are points 94E and 94F (2) which come into force in November next year.

Certain small unmanned aircraft: competency of remote pilots

94E.—(1) Subject to the following provisions of this article, the CAA must issue an acknowledgement of competency to an individual, or renew that individual’ s acknowledgement of competency, if the individual—

  1. (a)  has applied to the CAA, in such manner as the CAA may require, for an acknowledgement of competency,
  2. (b)  has supplied such information and evidence as the CAA may require,
  3. (c)  has undertaken such training as the CAA may require, and
  4. (d)  has undergone such tests as the CAA may require.

(2) That training or those tests may relate to matters which include—

  1. (a)  the practical operation of small unmanned aircraft;
  2. (b)  matters connected with the operation of small unmanned aircraft (such as respect for privacy, data protection, safety, security and environmental protection).

(3) Subject to paragraph (4), an acknowledgement of competency may relate—

  1. (a)  to a particular description of small unmanned aircraft;
  2. (b)  to a particular description of flights by small unmanned aircraft.

(4) No acknowledgement of competency is to be issued in relation to—

  1. (a)  small unmanned aircraft with a mass of less than 250 grams without their fuel but including any articles or equipment installed in or attached to the aircraft at the commencement of their flight, or
  2. (b)  flights by small unmanned aircraft of that description.

(5) An acknowledgement of competency issued, or renewed, under this article is valid for the period shown on the acknowledgement, subject to article 253.

(6) The CAA may issue an acknowledgement of competency subject to such conditions as it deems appropriate.

(7) The CAA is not required to accept applications for acknowledgements of competency under this article before 1st October 2019.


94F(2) – The remote pilot of the small unmanned aircraft must not fly it unless the CAA has issued the remote pilot with an acknowledgement of competency which is valid for that flight at the time of the flight.


It is believed that the Competency is most likely to be based on a BMFA ‘A’ certificate, but is as yet unconfirmed.

So if you do not have an A certificate, it would probably be a good idea to get one before next November.

We have a good number of instructors and examiners in the club so are well equipped to help with this.

BMFA Financial Update

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In case your have not read your latest BMFA News, there will be a proposal at the BMFA AGM in November to increase the senior membership fees to £38. Click on the link to see the article explaining the reasons for the proposed increase.

BMFA Financial Update

The club renewal procedure will be well underway before the BMFA AGM; we feel sure that the proposal will be ratified, so we intend to apply the £38 charge for those members who renew their BMFA membership through the club.

Please help trace a model stolen at Southern Model Air Show

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Model stolen from the security tent at SMAS last night. Not owned by a club member, but he has a number of friends who are also as it isrelatively local I thought putting on here may help. Its copied from Facebook.

What a brilliant weekend at Headcorn model show.
During the night some thieving scum sliced the model tent open and stole my Comp arf Ultra Lightning.
Fitted with a pretty new Jetcat 160rxib.
This is a well known model and will be seen if someone tries to sell it.
Please share this as much as possible.
I’m done with this hobby. I’ve had enough!

JThe security company advised the gate near the model tent should be covered by a security guard.
The event organisers declined this on the quote and didn’t have any security cover on this gate, despite having it covered by a guard last year!


YT / ESM 50 cc Spitfire……… NOW SOLD

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YT / ESM 50 cc Spitfire.

This is for the airframe only. No engine. The airframe includes two removable cannons, removable aerial and scale exhausts

I did have a DLE 55 RA up front, but this is now being used in another model. The wings are not permanently joined and can be separated so you don’t need a huge car to transport it.

Included in the sale is a 4 3/4 inch 120mm aluminium spinner, drilled for a DLE 55.

A set of the superb ESM electric retracts with the electric control unit that enables a staggered operation and variable speed depending on voltage.

Two Futaba servos for throttle and choke and the fuel tank, with correct fittings for petrol operation.

One wing was damaged as a result of one of my desperately poor landings, but I have repaired it to a high standard and I would now say that it’s probably stronger than the other wing.

£500 Jon Young 07768 510037.

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