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Bickley Model Flying Club Constitution as of 1/1/18

1. The club shall be called The Bickley Model Flying Club (BMFC) and will be affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA)

2. The club’s principal aim shall be the promotion of safe and responsible model aircraft flying.

3. All members without exception must obey all club rules. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action by the club which may lead to dismissal.

4. All flying members must be members of the British Model Flying Association and must be able to provide evidence of such on request.

5. When there is a joint meeting between Bickley Model Flying Club and another club, the participating club must be able to provide evidence of adequate insurance cover well in advance of the event.

6. Members may invite guest fliers to the site on prior arrangement with two of the committee BUT they must be BMFA insured and the club member must assume total responsibility for the actions and safety of the guest. Guests may fly under the supervision of designated instructors if their ability requires it and such arrangements must be made in advance of the visit. Guests are not permitted to fly gas turbine powered models.

7. A member means any flying adult member.

8. A member may be made a life member for extensive services to the club. Life members can only be created by a majority ballot of club members at a General Meeting. The committee has the right to grant up to two Annual Honorary memberships in recognition of services to the club. These Annual Honorary memberships to be for 12 months only.

9. Persons wishing to become members shall apply in writing to the Honorary Secretary and the application will then be submitted to the Committee for consideration. All applications will be dealt with in the order of receipt when vacancies exist.

10. The committee has the right to refuse membership to new applicants and is not required to provide reasons to the applicant.

11. All members whose signature appears on their application form shall be so signing agreement to abide by the club rules and constitution.

12. New member’s subscriptions shall be subject to status, plus the joining fee as decided at the Annual General Meeting. At present, this is for all adults, the equivalent of one year’s subscription. Any member who is over the age of 65 and has been a full fee-paying member of the club for more than 5 years may request their club fees to be reduced to that agreed at the AGM for those over the age of 65.

13. Members must pay their annual subscriptions for the following year by the date agreed at the Annual General Meeting. Failure to renew by that date will automatically mean that membership of the club will lapse, unless alternative arrangement has been made in advance with either the Secretary or the Treasurer. All renewals must be accompanied by a signed renewal form.

14. Members letting their membership lapse will be required to re-apply for membership and pay the joining fee on their return to the club.

15. All field safety rules and regulations will be reviewed continually in the light of circumstances by the committee. The field safety rules are considered as a supplementary code to those laid out by the British Model Flying Associations Members Handbook, compliance with which is mandatory within Bickley Model Flying Club.

16. Any complaint concerning any member must be made in writing and signed by the complainant(s)). The written complaint must then be forwarded to the secretary so that the matter can be addressed at the next committee meeting.

17. The committee may impose a flying suspension not exceeding 90 days upon any member in the event of misconduct. Any suspension must be accompanied by a written or verbal warning as deemed appropriate by the committee.

18. The committee may consider removal from the roll of members any member whose conduct on the field or elsewhere is considered to be prejudicial to the club. Dismissal will be in accordance with the following procedure in order to comply with the Laws of Natural Justice.

1. The member is to be given a verbal warning by an authorised Committee Member in which the member(s) is made aware of their misdemeanour and what is reasonably required to do to make amends

2. If the member does not respond they are to be given a written warning by an authorised Committee Member to advise them of their misdemeanour and what is reasonably required to do to make amends.
3. If they still fail to respond the Committee should invite them in writing to meet with them at a previously agreed date and time to discuss the situation, advising that they are considering withdrawal of that person(s) membership.

4. If they still fail to respond to reasoning or fails to attend without reasonable cause, the Committee can advise them in writing that their membership has been withdrawn, citing the reasons for withdrawal of membership.

5. When the member is advised of the withdrawal of their membership, they must be given the right of appeal. Should they opt to appeal this will be to the Club membership at an EGM which the Committee would call on their behalf at a previously agreed date and time. The motion to uphold the membership withdrawal or reverse it MUST be in accordance with the voting procedures set out in the Club Constitution.

6. In the event of Gross Misconduct, immediate dismissal without warnings may be considered but the member must still be accorded their rights to present their case to the Committee and be given the right of appeal in accordance with sub paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 above.

7. In the event of dismissal all fees are forfeited and gate keys are to be returned immediately to the Secretary.

19. Any alteration to this Constitution can only be made at a General Meeting called for the purpose. Any proposed alterations must be submitted to the Secretary in writing at least 28 days prior to the meeting.

20. Use of any Bickley club facilities for commercial gain (Commercial or otherwise) by any individual or group of individuals is strictly prohibited.
21. The number of flying members should not exceed that specified in the lease or agreement or decided at an Annual General Meeting should the club own its facilities.

22. Any change or addition to the rules must be ratified either at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary Meeting called specifically for that purpose.


23. An Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held for the purpose of electing officers and committee to serve for the ensuing year.

24. The Committee of the club shall comprise of no more than 10 members including the Executive Committee. A quorum of any committee meeting shall consist of a majority of Committee Members.

25. Officers of the club shall consist of Honorary Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Competition Secretary, B.M.F.A. representative, Newsletter Editor, Events Officer, Welfare Officer, and Ground Care Office.

26. The Executive Committee shall consist of four members. These shall be Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

27. Any committee member or member who is involved in any organisational position within the club must hold current membership of the British Model Flying Association.

28. Committee members shall be elected from written nominations at the Annual General Meeting, to serve for a period of one year. The Committee will be elected by majority vote by a show of hands from eligible members present. Postal votes may also be accepted by the Secretary providing they are received before the commencement of the meeting and they indicate a definite vote. Proxy votes are not allowed.

29. Should a Committee position become vacant, the committee may co-opt a replacement who will then serve until the following Annual General Meeting. This will be by a majority vote from the Committee members.

30. Members elected to office will have full voting rights at all meetings. In the event of a tie, the Chairman will have a casting vote.

31. The Executive Committee reserve the right to carry out negotiations and make decisions in the interest of the club or on behalf of the membership where necessary without consulting the other committee members.

32. The secretary must be informed of any negotiations proposed by club members which affect the Club as a whole and copies of any written correspondence must be submitted to him/her for record purposes.

33. Any Committee Member or Officer wishing to resign should do so in writing.

34. Any member of the Committee who is absent from three consecutive Committee meetings without reasonable cause will automatically forfeit their seat on the Committee.

35. The Committee may pay accounts and incur any normal liabilities on behalf of the Club. If a Committee member engages or becomes involved in court proceedings, whether criminal or civil in their representative capacity on behalf of the club, as opposed to their capacity as a private individual the club will indemnify the Committee Member in respect of any fines or damages or costs awarded against the Committee Member.

36. In the event of a Committee Member being awarded damages or costs in the course of proceedings taken by them in their representative capacity, such damages or costs will belong to the Club and not the Committee Member personally and upon receipt that Committee Member will pay them to the Club Treasurer.

Voting and Conduct of Meetings.

37. All meetings will be agendered and minuted. Any other business will only be accepted at general meetings if the Secretary is given at least 14 days notice in writing of the item to be discussed.

38. A quorum of any general meeting is to be at least one fifth of the membership entitled to vote.

39. Voting will normally be by a show of hands; however, a secret ballot must be taken should any member request that this be done. Proxy votes will not be allowed.

40. All proposals must be seconded and voted upon. A majority vote is required to carry any proposal.

41. Amendments to proposals must be voted on first.

42. Non-committee members may attend committee meetings as observers by applying to the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting. Any non-committee member may be asked to leave the meeting subject to approval from the Committee.

43. Non-club members may attend Club meetings as observers, as invited guests of a club by applying to the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting. Any non-Club member may be asked to leave the meeting subject to approval from the Committee.

44. The Committee, through the Chairman has the power to ask a person to leave any meeting in the event of that person disrupting the meeting.

45. Patrons of the club have no voting rights but are free to attend all club meetings.

Annual General Meetings

46. A convenient date for the Annual General Meeting will be decided each year by the committee. At least 28 days notice of the meeting will be given in writing to all members.

47. Annual subscriptions and the joining fee will be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

48. Subscriptions are due by the 30 November each year. Any member who has not paid the subscription for the ensuing year by this date forfeits membership UNLESS alternative arrangements have been made prior to this date either with the membership secretary or the treasurer.

49. An Auditor or Auditors shall be elected by the Committee to examine the accounts before the Annual General Meeting to verify that the balance sheet is correct and fairly represents the expenditure and receipts of the club, its assets and liabilities.

Extraordinary General Meetings

50. The secretary will convene an Extraordinary Committee Meeting within 14 days on request from any member of the Executive Committee stating the business to be discussed.

51. The Secretary shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the club by a resolution of the Committee stating the business to be brought before the meeting of which 28 day’s notice has been given to all members in writing stating the business to be discussed.

52. The secretary shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the club on receipt of a request in writing by not less than 1/5 of the members eligible to vote, stating the business to be brought before the meeting, of which 28 days notice has been given to all members in writing stating the business to be discussed.

53. When a request for a meeting to be made in accordance with article 52 and is not called within 28 days, the requisitioners may themselves convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club by giving 28 days notice in writing to all members, duly setting out the purpose for which the meeting was called. Any resolutions passed at such a meeting shall have the same force and effect as if they were passed at a meeting convened by the Committee.

Dissolution of the Club

54. Should it be considered necessary or desirable to dissolve the Club, the Committee will call an Extraordinary General Meeting. Should a quorum fail to appear, the meeting will be adjourned and a further E.G.M must be called. The second meeting will proceed even if a quorum is not present and the motion will then be carried by a simple majority vote.

55. On dissolution and after the sale of assets, settlement of all outstanding debts and the refund of subscriptions for the remaining part of the year to the paid-up members, the funds remaining will be distributed in equal shares to the Clubs current paid up membership.

56. If the final accounts are less than required to refund the subscriptions to the members, the total money remaining will be distributed pro rata to current fee-paying members.

Bickley Model Flying Club Flying Field Rules

1. ALL Members are to be considered active safety officers when they are in attendance at the flying field. They have the power to ask pilots to land and if necessary ground aircraft that are considered unsafe. A report must be made to the committee as soon as possible and they will decide if any further action is deemed appropriate.

2. In view of the proximity of another flying site the only frequencies that will be allowed on site will be those agreed between the two clubs and published by the club in the newsletter.

3. All members shall while flying their models do so in a manner so as not to cause risk or injury or inconvenience to any third party or any injury or damage to any animal or property belonging to a third party.

4. All children are to be strictly supervised and all animals are to be suitably restrained.

5. Neither the club nor the committee shall be responsible for any damage caused by its members.

6. No person shall operate any transmitter without first ascertaining (by whatever means is in current use) that the same frequency, colour or number is not already in use.

7. Only B.M.F.A. type approved equipment on any frequency recognised by them or allocated by the appropriate government department is to be used.

8. Both gates MUST be kept locked at all times unless we have been requested otherwise by either the gun club or the farmer. They may be left open when the club has an official flying meeting at the field.

9. The flying area (The Patch) shall be established in accordance with the wind direction and only the person(s) ready to fly shall enter this area unless the person concerned is under instruction by a competent flyer or club recognised instructor. In such cases the instructor shall accompany the student.

10. All aircraft shall be silenced in accordance with B.M.F.A. guidelines or a level stipulated by the appropriate government department or agency.

11. There is to be NO flying over the gun club butts.

12. Should a model land in another field only the minimum number of members should assist in the search and recovery of the model.

13. Should a model land within the gun club area of the field prior permission to retrieve MUST be sought from those in charge of the safety at the gun club.

14. “Pits” is defined as that area fenced on the field side by the low metal fence and on the viewing / public area by the staked and rope fence. The area on the field side to the low barrier shall be regarded as part of the pits and care must be taken when operating in this area not to impinge upon the flying zone.

15. No operating of any type of engine shall take place before 10:30 am on any day of the week. All running must be carried out in the pits or designated flying zones and any “running in” or prolonged testing should be carried out at the extreme ends of the pits, so as to cause the least annoyance to others.

16. Large engines only to be run on the field side of the pits low barrier.

17. Under no circumstances should any type of Engine/Motor be run in the car park

18. No model should be taxied inside the main pit area and any model that is too heavy or unsafe to carry onto the flying area should be started and taxied on the field side of the low metal fence.

19. All members must be able to produce a current membership card should they be asked. (It is suggested that it be attached to the flight box). ALL 35 MHz transmitters MUST display their frequency number.

20. No person unless a club member shall be allowed to fly, unless prior approval has been obtained from two committee members and proof of insurance must be obtained. A minimum of 24 hrs notice prior to the date of flying is required. Guests are limited to a maximum of 4 visits per year and must possess a minimum of a BMFA certificate: “A” for models less than 7 kg and “B” or equivalent certification for models exceeding 7 kg.

21. No guest will be permitted to fly jet turbine powered aircraft at the field except at open events.

22. New members are not permitted to fly jet turbine powered model aircraft and any model with a dry weight of more than 20 Kg for one year from joining, during which time they would need to be seen flying at the field so that a view of their abilities and flying behaviour can be monitored. After that year they would be required to take a jet / large model induction flight viewed and monitored by at least two competent committee members.

23. Members inviting guests must provide their guest’s BMFA (or equivalent) number when arranging the invitation and are responsible for the conduct of and supervision of their guests. In the case of test flying, two committee members must be present for Control Line and Free Flight guests BMFA or equivalent membership must be demonstrated.

24. The B.M.F.A. insurance is only valid for the named member

25. Possession of a BMFA B certificate is a minimum requirement to fly a jet turbine powered aircraft.

26. Any member using radios with ‘failsafe’ must set it so that all flying surfaces go to a pre-determined position and engine set to either tick-over or stop at member’s discretion.

27. All vehicles must be parked behind the safety fence. It is permitted for those that have disabilities for their vehicles to be driven to the pits for unloading/loading but the vehicle must be returned behind the safety fence as soon as practicable.

28. The maximum number of aircraft permitted in the air at any one time shall be six.

29. The area beyond the access lane i.e. the field behind the car park is now a non-flying zone AT ALL TIMES although when the gun club is NOT ACTIVE the area past the access lane can be used for take offs and landing circuits only. (refer map on back page).

30. Gas turbine, IC powered ducted fan models and models over 20 kg must have a spotter / caller who is competent.

31. Only Two gas turbine models or IC powered ducted fan model can be in the air at any time.

32. Only 3 two-stroke petrol powered models each with a total capacity exceeding 30cc can be in the air at one time. At the discretion of the committee this rule can be waived for events and special cases.

33. The use of smoke systems is not permitted. Models are allowed to carry them but their use is not permitted.

34. No model of more than 25Kg dry weight or of exceptional size and power may be flown at the field except at the discretion and under the supervision of at least two competent committee members or competent club members nominated by the committee.

35. All jet turbine powered model aircraft (New and existing) will need to be registered as safe and airworthy (to be scrutinised by at least two competent committee members), before they can be flown at the club field. This includes models flown by club members as a trial flight of a guest’s model. The guest not being able to fly the model himself (see rule about guests not being permitted to fly jets except at events).

Bickley Model Flying Club Financial Rules

1. All fees payable to the club shall be paid into a current account with a recognised Clearing Bank. At the discretion of the Treasurer, surplus funds may be held in an interest-bearing account with acknowledged financial institutions.

2. The club Treasurer, in addition to the statements received from the financial institutions maintain an independent record of all payments authorised by him or her together with the reason for the expenditure.

3. A financial statement will be available at each Annual General Meeting.

4. The Treasurer shall on no account issue a cheque when payment thereon would result in an overdraft which has not been authorised by the Bank or sought by the committee.

5. Cheques issued by the Treasurer shall be signed by any combination of two of the following: Treasurer, Secretary, Chairman.

6. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting the Club fees as well as those of the British Model Flying Association, keeping suitable records and paying all fees to the said society when required.

7. The club shall not apply for any financial loan or overdraft unless a) the application has received the approval of all senior members and every member has pledged to repay his or hers portion of the amount borrowed should the Club be wound up before the loan has been completely repaid.

8. All club acquisitions or work over £500 should be supported by a written quote where feasible and be put to the committee for a majority decision before proceeding with the work or acquisition.

9. In the event of a possible overspend in the annual budget, as a minimum, the Executive Committee is to be advised and their guidance sought.

10. The club will each year appoint two people from within the membership to carry out an audit of the annual accounts.



Our club rules state that we use the JMA rules for their safe use at the field.
It goes without saying that if you intend to an operate gas turbine you should make sure you familiar with those rules.
In order to keep it simple the following is a summary of what is expected:

  1. The general construction of you model should be of a very high standard, constructed in accordance to manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Radio, servos, aerials, linkages, batteries and switches should all be carefully installed, suitable for the job and well protected from heat and vibration. Be especially careful that no clothing, wires, leads or tubing can be sucked into the engine. (Gas turbines are very efficient vacuum cleaners and expensive to repair).
  3. Never operate a gas turbine alone
  4. Never operate a gas turbine without a full CO2 fire extinguisher.
  5. Never point the hot exhaust towards any person.
  6. Get your model checked by an experienced pilot before you fly.
  7. You must fly with a helper.
  8. Keep the safety zone as detailed by the manufacture clear of people.
  9. Check your model after each flight especially if you’re last landing was less than perfect.
  10. If you are in any doubt don’t fly. The consequences could be very dangerous at worst or very expensive at best.

Pit and Start-up Area Safety Rules.

Starting and running of turbines will only take place on the field side of the pit outer barrier fence and the jet stream should be directed away from the pit area.

A pilot must not under any circumstances allow his aircraft to overfly the pits, car park or viewing area and the pilot’s helper / spotter should notify the pilot immediately if he is not aware that they have overflown a restricted area.

As the people who run the gun club are particularly sensitive to jet flying, special care must be taken with jets in regard of the gun club no fly zone. When viewed from ground level looping and turning manoeuvres undertaken at height and high speed tend to appear as though they are overhead whereas in fact they are some distance away, please bear this in mind.

Except during take-off and landing, low flying, below 3 metres above ground level, may only be undertaken with the aircraft flying on a constant heading in a direction parallel to the runway centre line.
High speed manoeuvres must be made in a direction parallel to or heading away from the pits and viewing area. Such manoeuvres must be confined to the far side of a vertical plane, parallel to the pits, which is displaced 30 metres horizontally from the Pilots Box.

The full rules and regulation can be obtained from the JMA.


  • Members of the Bickley model-flying club shall be issued with a full set of club rules.
  • Members will also be given a coloured current year disc (or equivalent) for their flight box.
  • Members will also have a key for the two gates, on which there will be a deposit of £18 which is refundable upon return of them in the event of a member not re-joining. Replacement keys are charged at £3.50 each.
  • Gates must be kept locked at all times with the exception of Saturday & Sunday when the gun club has the outer gate left open for its members between 10.00 till 16.00.
  • Club renewal fees for the following years must reach the Secretary or Treasurer by the 30th November; otherwise it will be deemed that the member has resigned from the club. It is the member’s responsibility to get the renewal on time to the club officers.
  • All members without exception must complete and return the renewal form with the annual fee; renewal will not be accepted without the signed form.