BMFA World Record Attempt

May 15, 2022

11:00 -


At The Field
Further information from Dave Wray
 – Please send pre-registration details to [email protected]
BMFA World Record Attempt 1

As you may know, The BMFA are organising a world record attempt for the most model planes flying simultaneously at 12:00 on 15th May. We have registered the club as participating, and anticipate the following format:

1.    11:45 all normal flying is suspended for 30 minutes

2.    At 11:59:50 an air horn will sound

3.    Everyone launches

4.    Normal flying activities to resume at 12:15

The entire activity needs to be videoed and time sync’d for the adjudicators so it’s not practical to take off beforehand. There will likely be a lot of planes flying, so please leave anything big, fast or delicate at home as the chances of a mid-air are considerable! Anything small that can be hand launched is probably best.

Anyone wishing to participate needs to provide the following information to [email protected] well before the attempt:

Email Subject: BMFA World Record Attempt

First & Last name

BMFA/BDF membership number

Name of the model flown

If you don’t pre-register then you will not be able to participate.


BMFC Committee