RC Modelling Goods for Sale

Mark Tullet who used to run the excellent Hobby Box model shop in Uckfield, but sold it last year has moved on to other pastimes so has a mixture of old stock and personal RC modelling kit to sell and what look like bargain prices. If there is anything which interests you, you can get hold of Mark at [email protected]

For Sale

Not listed before:

       Chris Foss Phase 6 kit, new in box                   £55

       Blade Msrx mini heli, little use, will only bind to DSM2 tx (recent Spektrums are Dsmx only)                      £20


       Overlander RC6 7A 80W charger

 Lipo/Nimh/Nicad etc little use in box various leads, lipo balance extensions etc                             £25

Graupner Ultramat 16 charger, older but good quality                                                                       £15


       A quantity of heli spares

       Blade 400

       9 pairs of wood blades

       2 pairs of carbon blades

       Tail booms

       Tail braces

       Landing gear struts                                           £30/lot


       Trex 250

       5 pairs plastic blades

       2 tail drive belts

       2 pks feathering shafts

       Mains shafts

       Blade holder                                                     £25/lot   

Planes c/w engines/motors, batteries, servos Unflown  – Hangar 9 Sopwith Camel 60 size, built, reworked ARTF, in markings of Roy Brown (allegedly shot down Von Richtofen), hand painted pilot ( & scarf!)extra detail, ribtapes, underside resprayed. Fitted new and unrun OS 95V 4 stroke, hitec servos, enerloop 6v pack, available with/without Spectrum Rx (DSMX) just needs turnbuckles wire locking best kept rigged fits in most cars.   £350                                          

Unflown – Hangar 9 Pulse 60 Built ARTF, Saito 100 4 stroke (2 tankfulls running only) hitec digital servos, enerloop 6v pack,  available with/without Spectrum Rx (DSMX)                                                    £275


       Flair Fokker DVII, finished in red/white scheme (Jasta 37) sprayed/home made transfer markings, hand painted pilot (& scarf), Williams spandaus, hitec and futaba servos, large capacity 4.8v pack, very reliable OS70 surpass II 4 stroke looking tied but good flyer available with/without Spectrum rx (DSM 2) comes with almost complete spare kit!                                               £135


              Albatross DIII 65” all built up, eye catching sprayed scheme/ markings, hand painted pilot (& scarf!) nice detail, dummy engine, Williams spandaus with wire soldered sights! etc Won yearly scale comp at last club. Low use OS 90 Surpass II, hitec servos, 6v enerloop pack, available with/without Spectrum Rx (DSMX) has had a number of dead stick landings possibly due to engine overheating so needs some TLC and work to cool engine, could be a very good scale model         £225


       Multiplex  Merlin mini glider RR spec, fantastic flyer, fast, uses 3S 450mAh                                            £45


       Various indoor Hobbyzone models all BNF for spectrum Spacewalker, T28, mustang etc    £30 to 40 each


Part built/ Unbuilt BNF/ARTF/Kits


E-flite F2-j Fury EDF, BNF, AS3x, in box, unused as new  £155

Multiplex Dog Fighter, RR (PnP)  version, motor, ESC, all servos takes 3S2100  unboxed but unused        £55

Multiplex Twister EDF (white) with fan/motor unused as new £50



Proctor ¼ scale Albatross DV

Part built by Don Coe, fuselage built and largely finished. Lower wing structures built but not covered. Comes with reference, guns etc, etc. Needs servos, engine etc to complete (kit is over $1,000)          £200ono

Maxford DH2 ARTF 50” electric, unusual but supposedly good flyer, untouched in box. inc. Williams Lewis gun kit and Maxford spare magazines                    £105

Eflite Nieuport 17 artf 250 size, depron park flyer, untouched in box (used to have the Se5a which I did fly indoors but a bit big really!)                         £30


Great Planes J3 Cub 90” (or clipped wing) KIT for 90 4 stroke, untouched in box                              £155

Top Flite P40 64” KIT for 90 4 stroke                        £140

(Electric retracts/legs available if req’d)

Pilot Nieuport 29 KIT very rare for 52-60 4 stroke, untouched in box                                                 £135

Pica Waco YMF 60” KIT rare, untouched in box        £135

Tony Nihuis 72” Lancaster short KIT (plans, ribs, formers, Vac form canopies, turrets etc) Also comes with several sizes of 3 blade props (will takes 4 speed 400 but larger props are for b’less)                          £70



       OS200 4 stroke new and unused in box            £295

       OS 62 V 4 stroke new and unused in box           £145

Saito FG20 4 stroke petrol new and unused in box    £215

       RCV 120SP inline 2nd hand but unused in box (taken in p/ex)                                                             £165

       Saito 125 4 stroke little used in box                  £160

       OS70 Surpass little used runs fine (crush damage to push rod tubes) new tubes and rods inc              £115

       2 x OS 52 surpass both used  good                   £75ea

       OS52 little used in box                                     £95

       OS40 4 stroke crash damage to mounting, new crankcase inc                                            £70

       OS26 4 stroke                                           £55


Electric power sets(new)

       2 x Multiplex Twinstar brushless power sets    £80ea

       (each set inc 2 x motors, 2 x 20A esc, props, drivers, mounts, all leads, was to be used for Nihuis Lancaster, would do a deal for these with kit)

       Multiplex Easy Glider pro tuning                       £40

       Multiplex Acromaster/Gemini tuning (no box)    £45


Lots of electric motors/escs most used


       Eflite 81 degree 60-120 size electric strut ready suit Me109 new and unused                                            £65

       Eflite struts to suit above                                 £45

       Eflite 95 degree twist & turn 60-120 size electric strut ready suit Corsair/P40 etc new and unused    £65

       Eflite struts to suit above                                 £45

       Eflite 95 degree 60-120 size electric strut ready suit P47 etc new and unused                                  £65

       Eflite struts to suit above                                 £45

       Eflite 10-15 size mains                                     £25


       JP 90 degree electric retracts, with struts (for 22 -33cc plane)                                                         £100

       Robart air kit, tank, valves etc                          £30

       Robart tubing, quik connects, tanks, T’s etc     


Wheels (new) 

       Williams 6 & 5/8” vintage new, unused in box £20

       Williams 4 & 3/8” vintage new, unused (suit most Flair kits)                                                                    £12

       Du-bro pair 5” lightweight treaded new              £18

       Du-bro pair 3 3/4” lightweight treaded new        £15

       Du-bro pair 4” ‘Big’  new                                   £10

       Du-bro pair 7” vintage   (suit ¼ Bristol Scout)    £20

       Ripmax 4” treaded airwheels new                     £5

       Hangar 9 Me109 pair                                         £5

       Williams 3 ¾ “ balloon  (good for Me109)           £6


       Traplet Brian Taylor Mustang                            £5

       Mike Smart ¼ scale Tiger Moth                         £5

       Gary Sunderland ¼ scale Fokker DVII with magazine                                                                      £10

       Gary Sunderland ¼ scale Bristol Scout with magazine                                                                     £10

       2.5m electric Beaufighter                                  £5

       72” Swordfish                                                   £5

       Large electric JU88                                          £5

       Pica FW190 D9                                                 £5

       90” DH85 Leopard Moth Electric inc cowl          £8


NEW Boxed Digital Servos

       Spektrum A6180 digital MG 6.8Kg @ 6v             £15 ea

       (9 available)

       Spektrum A5040 digital MG 4.8Kg @ 6v             £18 ea

       (3 available)

       Spektrum A3040 digital MG 2Kg @ 6v                £13 ea

       (2 available)

       Multiplex Tiger MHV MG 15Kg @7.4v                 £20 ea

       (3 Available)

       Hitec HS5645 MG 12Kg  @ 6v                            £20 ea

       (2 available)

       Hitec HS5625 MG 9Kg  @ 6v                              £18 ea

       (3 available)

       Hitec HS5245 MG 5.5Kg  @ 6v                           £16 ea

       (5 available)

       Hitec HS5395BH HV 6.4Kg @ 6v                        £10 ea

       (4 avail)

       Hitec HS5485HB 6.4Kg @ 6v                             £10 ea

       (3 avail)

       NEW Boxed Standard Servos

       Hitec HS485HB 6Kg @ 6v                                  £8ea

       (2 avail)

       Hitec HS225BB 4.8Kg @ 6v                               £8 ea

       (4 avail)

       Hitec HS225MG 4.8Kg @ 6v                               £10 ea

       (2 avail)

       Hitec HS75BB Retract                                      £10 ea

       Hitec HS81 3Kg @ 6v                                        £8 ea

       (10 avail)

       Hitec HS82 MG 3Kg @ 6v                                  £9 ea

       (1 avail)

       Hitec HS40 Nano                                              £4 ea

       (2 avail)

       Etronix 9gram (5avail)                                £3ea

Used servos

       Lots of used standard and digital servos, Hitec, Futaba etc

Spektrum radio


       DX9 Black Edition in case little used fantastic radio  (works with DSMX and DSM2)                         £240


       Original DX7 (in JR case) well used but VGC, good battery lovely radio  only transmits DSM2 but will work with most DSMx rx and DSM2                     £50


       New unused AR635 6 ch AS3x                          £30

       Various used 6 and 7 channel DSM2 & DSMx RX’s


RX Batteries(new)

       2 x enerloop 2000mAh 6v                                  £10ea




       Lots of other items inc:  a few Lipo’s left from single cell up to 4S(some new, some used) servo extension leads, y leads, props (IC and electric, fuel tanks, engine mounts, push pull sets, switches, hinges, control horns,loads of balsa, spruce, piano wire, Solarfilm, Solartex, pilots, old engines, some engine & various aircraft spares, starters, motors (eflite, Axi, JP, Multiplex), Brushed and brushless escs (Jeti, eflite, JP, Multiplex 30, 40, 50 ,60A) etc, etc most of this is new & unused.

       All available to haggle over!!