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Bromley Soaring Club (BSC) has been South East London and West Kent’s premier club for soaring and silent flight. It was formed by Avicraft around 1980 to promote the building and flying of model aircraft, with the original emphasis on gliding, both slope and thermal soaring. Members of the club now fly a variety of models, thermal, electric and slope soarers, park fly and indoor models. There is also a strong interest in competitive thermal soaring, particularly the Kent Interclub thermal gliding competitions.

The club has now effectively merged with the Bickley Model Flying Club (BMFC) and is essentially a club within a club. You can still become a member of Bromley Soaring Club but this does not provide the right to use Bickley’s flying site. To be able to use this site (except as an occasional guest) you need to become a member of BMFC. All members of BMFC are now considered to be members of Bromley Soaring Club. When flying in Kent Interclub Glider competitions BMFC members join with BSC members and fly as a team under the Bromley Soaring Club banner.

During the summer months, BSC organise ad-hoc flying sessions at a park in Bromley and/or at Bickley’s site near Dartford. During the winter months, flying sessions are arranged when the weather is suitable.

Prospective new members are welcome to join us at any of these meetings. The club welcomes new members of all ages, with help and advice on building and flying available for beginners.

2024 Kent Interclub Thermal Soaring Competitions:-

  • Electric Glider 1 at Gravesend field on 7th April
  • 21st April at Sittingbourne
  • 11th May at Sittingbourne
  • 23rd June Electric Glider 2 at Invicta
  • 14th July at Tonbridge
  • 18th August at Invicta
  • 8th September Kent Cup at Gravesend

Contact Information

Chairman Gordon Loomes 0208 402 2454 [email protected]
Committee Member Derek Cillings  
Committee MemberAlan Twine  
Committee MemberPaul Cavendar  

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Club Membership

Bromley Soaring Club is affiliated to the BMFA and all members of the club are required to have BMFA membership. Membership of the BMFA can be arranged via the club. Membership fees for 2024 are: –

Bromley Soaring Club£15.00Free

Membership application

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