June club night and barbecue at the field

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Meeting has been moved as the weather for tomorrow is not looking good at all. It will now be Wednesday week 19th June when forecast is much better. As usual our examiners will be on hand to help with any of the tests for the BMFA achievement scheme. If you actually want to take a test please advise Bob beforehand so he can make sure that he has the appropriate … Read More

Work Party at the field to clear weeds in the lane

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Thank you to the small squad that turned up to the work party today. Cleared an amazing amount in just a couple of hours. It was quite windy but we did not get rained on. Two of the work party are currently receiving cancer treatment, one has recently had major surgery on a wrist to fuse it because of pain and another is awaiting hip surgery. Before After Lane is … Read More

Bob Ryan

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Congratulations to Bob on the following achievements in the BMFA Scheme Chief Instructor Fixed Wing Chief Examiner Fixed Wing Chief Instructor Helicopter                   Chief Examiner Helicopter In case you are not sure what a Chief examiners function is, I downloaded the following from the BMFA document “Guidance For Chief Examiners” The job of a Chief Examiner is to “assess applicants for the … Read More

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