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Work party at the field 25/11/17

On behalf of Bob Ryan and the rest of the committee thank you to those that turned up and did such sterling work on the lane yesterday; the car park was packed and the difference is amazing.


Work party at the field 25/11/17 1

I’m sorry that the committee were not much in evidence during the time that most of the work was carried out, as we were in a meeting with the jet flyers, discussing the approach to take with any new members taken on for next year that want to fly jet turbines. The clash was because the original date for the work party had to be postponed from last week because of the weather. However, I have to report that when I arrived at the field at 10 am Bob Ryan was already in action with a strimmer.

Jon Young brought his trolley jack along which enabled us to lift the gate while we adjusted the hinges so it will now close without having to lift it into place.


All in all, a very productive and successful day.