From 1748 June 3, 2023
Field closed for maintenance this Wed 7th June.
until 0000 June 8, 2023

Field Maintenance 6th-7th June 2023.

Field Maintenance 6th-7th June 2023. 1

Field maintenance works are taking place this Tues 6th & Wed 7th June. You will be able to use the field on Tuesday, however, the field will not be accessible this Wednesday. Apologies for any inconvenience. BMFC Committee

Your Chairman’s report on today’s event.

Your Chairman’s report on today’s event. 3

I arrived at 8.30 and there were a few cars setting up, but not many. Within an hour the field and car park was pretty packed. As usual there were plenty of bargains to be had. Many were determined to sell. One person said to me “if I don’t sell these models I’m going to […]

Inner Gate Event Management

Inner Gate Event Management 4

Gate key management has become an increasing headache at club events, particularly with guest campers, etc, not having keys hence having to leave the gate open more than we would like. To alleviate some of this problem, we have adapted the inner gate to take a combination padlock during events only. Members will receive the […]

Change of August Event Dates.

Change of August Event Dates. 5

Due to a clash with another local event, the boot-sale and scale day in August are being moved forward a week to Saturday 5th August (Boot-sale) and Sunday 6th (Scale Day). Apologies for any inconvenience. The events section of the Facebook group and the BMFC website events section have been updated accordingly.  Regards BMFC Committee

Reminder For 29/30th

Reminder For 29/30th 6

Just a reminder that next weekend is our first event weekend of the year with a boot-sale on Saturday 29th and Warbirds on Sunday 30th. Full details are in the events section of this group or our website: Regards BMFC Committee

North Field Activities

North Field Activities 7

As you may be aware, the field north of our strip has seen an increase in activity over recent weeks, with the arrival of a travelling show-ground, and several mobile dwellings that appear to be occupied on a full time basis. As a result, it’s probably a good idea to remind ourselves that any overflying […]

Restrain Your Models!

Restrain Your Models! 8

Over the weekend a member (not pictured) was setting up a model’s failsafe when the throttle unexpectedly went wide-open and taxied into another model on the ground. It’s easy to forget but vital that all models be suitably restrained and/or props/blades removed before changing failsafe/throttle cut/servo reverse or any other setting that could create an […]

Field Closed 12th April for field maintenance.

The field will be closed all day this Wednesday for lane maintenance. Rain and wind is forecast for that day so it shouldn’t impact any flying anyway. Please spread the word to any and all members. Regards BMFC committee

Bob Ryan’s L’il Plank

Bob Ryan’s L’il Plank 9

Here is Bob Ryan’s  latest iteration of the L’il Plank. In his own words: “This one is electric powered, has a  slightly wider cord and a roomier fuselage. Test flown today, she weighs 165 grams using a 350mah 2S battery, a 7 amp speed controller with a Hacker A10-7L motor turning a 5×4.25 APC prop. Very sensitive […]