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A message from our Chairman – 03/11/2020

A message from our Chairman - 03/11/2020 1
Another lockdown will be with us commencing this Thursday for one month. (We hope).
We have read the government’s rules and it is clear that social model flying and making unnecessary journeys will be prohibited. Our field will be locked down with no admission except for essential maintenance as of Thursday 5th until further notice and the lock on the middle gate will be changed on late Wednesday afternoon. We obviously regret this but feel we have no option but to comply with the latest rules.
If anything good comes of this (other than a vaccine), it is probably another chance for some serious model building and maintenance.
I have spoken to a number of local model shops and here is a summary of how they intend to trade during the lockdown, so here goes:
-TJD: There will be staff in the shop and will be processing mail orders, click and collect. You will be able to order from the door, but there will be no admission to the shop.
-Avicraft: Robert will be in the shop during normal working hours and will be available for advice and mail order. No admission to the shop.
-MWM Warbirds: The shop will be staffed as normal. They will do click and collect, order from the door and mail order. You can get advice over the phone but no admission allowed.
-Model World Sittingbourne: The shop will be staffed as normal and available for advice. They will do mail order and click and collect.
Rapid RC:  They will do mail order. You can also click or phone and collect. They will leave your goods outside the shop just before you get there. No admission to the shop.

This pandemic is very difficult for us all but one thing is for sure it will not improve unless we all do our bit. That’s the social distancing, hygiene in particular. Let’s hope that we can all stay safe and look forward to a better year next year.
It is at this time of the year that you are asked to pay your annual subscriptions and because of the lockdown we are unable to hold our usual “pay your subs night”. However, the deadline for payment is still the last day of November. So please don’t leave it too late to pay. It will also make the treasures task much simpler if we don’t have to chase members for their subscriptions. 
I think you are already aware the Victoria Cross Talk that we were expecting to hold on 8th December has been postponed yet again. We hope to be able to have a new date confirmed in the new year.

We can only ask that we all do our bit and to keep each other safe and not to think “it won’t happen to me”
On behalf of all the committee please stay safe and look forward to better times in the near future.

Bob Ryan