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A message from your Chairman

A message from your Chairman 1

I hope you all had a very Happy Christmas and are looking forward to a healthy and happy New Year.

Over the last couple of years, the phrase “stay safe” has become common for us all and for reasons we are all aware, it’s probably all part of the new normal – whatever that means?
Fortunately, most of our club activities are held in the open so it shouldn’t be too much of an effort for us all to “stay safe”. So, a little common sense should be all that is needed, rather than waiting for the government to tell us what to do.

Just before Christmas, I had a new hip fitted and I’m now looking forward to getting back to flying regularly. The weather has been poor of late, which is fortunate for me as I couldn’t fly even if I wanted to. All the same, I’m keen to get to the field and start flying again and feeling less debilitated than I have been in recent months.

By the end of November, just ten members decided not to renew their annual subscriptions. This enabled us to offer these vacant places to prospective members on the waiting list. We have now completed the interviews and have invited the successful applicants to join the club.

The SMAE/BMFA will be celebrating their centenary in 2022 and we hope to celebrate our 50th year as a club, even though in reality due to the previous COVID restrictions it will be our 52nd year. We intend to celebrate them both at the field at the same time.
Please see below for details.

We may also hold an Achievement Scheme Training Day later in the year at a date to be confirmed to enable existing Examiners to compare notes and hopefully enable trainees to achieve their A and B certificates.

Last year several members renewed their club membership but, didn’t renew their BMFA membership. Our club is an affiliated club to the BMFA and as such all-BMFC members must be members of the BMFA. The lock on the inner gate needs to be replaced soon and only those that have renewed their BMFA membership will receive a new key. We must also remind you (if you needed reminding) that to fly legally you must pay your £9.00 to keep your CAA registration up to date and carry your operating number on or in your model.

May we also recommend that you take the “Registration Competency Certificate” also known as “RCC”. You can take it on the BMFA website. It can be taken as many times as you like until you pass. It is recognised by the CAA and is proof of your knowledge of the law that’s associated with our hobby/sport.

The committee is still in the process of researching alternative storage sites and contractors to help with the field maintenance. If any member can help us in this respect, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Unfortunately, some sad news to end on. We have just learnt of the death of Alan Banks.

A message from your Chairman 2

Everyone knew him as Alan, but his real name was Alleyne. He was 80 years old and anyone who met him knew that he was a real character.

He joined the club in 2013 and not long afterwards was advising us of what we needed to do to maintain the field. So, we naturally persuaded him to help with the field maintenance for which he was quite brilliant until just over a year ago he decided that he had done enough.

Alleyne will be sorely missed and our condolences go to his family and his many friends for their loss.

Bob Ryan.