An interesting build by Steve Jarman

Steve Jarman has been kind enough to provide us with an update on an interesting build:

I always fancied building a twin, but really wanted it to be my own design.  I decided to both adapt an existing wing, and design the rest!

The wing is in fact from a WOT Trainer, reinforced and re-sheeted.  I added the twin nacelles, with removeable cowlings. Prop and motor sizes were advised by 4Max, after they ran the calculations. Ailerons were shortened, but the chord increased – they would make way for fully functional Fowler Flaps. 3 bladed balanced Master Airscrew props were also used – because they look cool – no other reason.  The fuselage was my design, based on an Otter/Shrike Commander/Islander type. I drew it out on paper, and went from there – the servo tray is generous, and will allow for the multitude of electronics that will go in – the nacelles will house the ESCs.

The dihedral on the tail was not necessary, and was more for aesthetic reasons – the centre is ply braced, reinforced with epoxy and glass cloth.  The design remains faithful to the WOT Trainer dimensions, i.e.  length and incidences, but is made more scale like.  Rudder and Elevator snakes have been installed and braced of course.  Here’s some gen: –

  • Twin ESCs – one per nacelle
  • Nacelles designed to cool the ESCs with airflow
  • Fowler Flaps
  • Savox MG servos throughout
  • Steerable nosewheel  (sprung oleo)
  • Carbon U/C (yep – made that too!)
  • Wing tip LEDs switched by Tx
  • Landing LEDs switched by Tx (Made them too!)
  • Futaba SBUS distribution to wing servos and twin ESCs
  • SBUS2 telemetry (again, my own design, RPM, speed, Altitude, Vario, GPS)
  • Covering with white Profilm, in a pseudo-BOAC livery

Steve Jarman

We look forward to seeing the maiden.