From 1748 June 3, 2023
Field closed for maintenance this Wed 7th June.
until 0000 June 8, 2023

Bickley MFC Scale Day

This years scale day was not blessed with the best of weather there being quite a high wind, nevertheless there was quite a good showing of interesting models, most being of the war bird type which with heavier wing loading than biplanes and the like handled the significant draft without mishap apart from John Veaseys Corsair which suffered a engine failure which necessitated landing in an adjacent field. Fortunately with minimal damage.



To scoff at the high wind the TJD team flew a large squadron of assorted foam warbirds to great effect


I took a photo of the lineup of flyers as the planes were quite small with my cheap camera.


Regular Scale day visiter Richard Ginger gave a fine display with his Val dive-bomber

See gallery for more photos