BMFA Record Attempt Update

BMFA Record Attempt Update 1

Hi all,

A quick update on this Sunday’s BMFA record attempt:

  1. Please arrive no later than 11:00 as we need to get specific photos of all participants for verification. If you need longer to setup, please allow for this. Everyone needs to be photographed, charged/fueled and ready to go by 11:30 absolute latest.
  2. If you haven’t pre-registered you cannot take part. Please send your full name, BMFA number, mobile number, and the name of the aircraft you will be flying to [email protected] if you’ve not already done so. This is not optional.
  3. Please don’t bring anything fast, big, or delicate to fly, we are expecting 20+ aircraft in the air at once. Also, the longer the flight time the better. Bring the old faithful.
  4. Aircraft will be taking off in waves from approx 11:57
  5. Aircraft will be landing in waves from 12:01 onwards.

Many thanks.