Club Night 13th September 2023.


If you missed last night’s club night, you missed another good ‘un!

Huge thanks, as always to John and Lynne Veasey for all the hard work. These things don’t magically arrange themselves, and the planning, shopping, cleaning of tables, rubbish management, etc is a considerable effort every time. Gregg Veasey took control of the cooking and did a cracking job. Our illustrious Chairman brought his top-secret onions to top the burgers, which were also very popular. Speaking of Bob, I have a feeling his recent Kent Cup win may have gone to his head a little, as he’d bought a sizeable steak to upgrade his burger!

Flying highlight had to be Dave Napper and his lovely Wellington. Sadly the light was not conducive to much in the way of a half-decent photo. It was also good to see young Lewis flying again after his recent work accident.

With the final club night now complete, that leaves the AGM (details soon) as the next event.

The weather this year has been fickle, to say the least. But we learn to take the opportunities to do what we can when we can.


BMFC Committee