Renewal Emails Sent 2nd November, please return before 30th November deadline.

Concord MFC Competition on 10th December.

Concord Model Flying Club are having a winter event in association with Avicraft on 10th December, and they have very kindly opened invitations to all Bickley MFC members.

In their own words:

“Just to reminder you we have the Winter competitions event on Sunday the 10th December, in just a few weeks, we wanted to let you know early as there will be some satsuma dropping on targets, Scaled day and some fun fly and competitions too.

Rob will have an options for a AviCraft Gadget unit that can be fitted to, I guess almost any model, this means anyone can have a go if you bring a plane, to make the satsuma dropping even more fun, you will have two options. If you got your own drop mechanism on your plane then you be entered in the single person drop, if you use Rob’s invention, it will be a two man entry, so you need a friend to press the button on command…

The club also will be inviting members from the bickely club too for a fun fill day.

Looks to be a fun day for all, there also be the normal club BBQ. please come along and have some fun for the last event of the year. The club put theses event on to give you all Value for your membership.”

PLEASE NOTE: The club has a 30CC size limit and you must have an ‘A’ to fly solo.