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Halloween Party at the Field

Report from the chairman Bob Ryan


About 5 or 6 weeks ago I asked John Veasey if he was planning to repeat the Halloween party that was held last year at the field. John was not sure at the time as last year was also a celebration of a family birthday party. My suggestion was that the club support it this year and combine it with a fly-in. The whole thing would be weather dependant, so arrangements were made at short notice.
The Club shelter was decorated by members and children. Food was generously provided by Joe and Angie Cannella and meat was supplied and roasted by Andrew Chilcott.
The weather forecast was excellent. Only the morning mist curtailed flying early and eventually Saturday turned out to be a great beautiful sunny day with virtually no wind at all. So calm if fact that I was able to trim out a free-flight model for Joe Cannella and once sorted it made 2 good flights and in both cases made perfect landings on the patch. I also test flew my brand new Ebaneeza free-flight biplane with equal success.
The party started early and food was served about 5.30pm with jacket potatoes with generous fillings and also spare ribs and roast beef in rolls which all went down very well. Members supplied there own drinks and from the number of empty bottle that were collected on Sunday morning a great deal of booze was costumed and an excellent time was had by all.
The car Park was full of cars and caravans and about 40 members took part plus their families.
There are a number of photographs on Facebook that illustrate the what went on. I’ll call that event a success so well done John and all those who helped.
I thing we should do this again.
Bob Ryan