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Membership renewals for next year 2016

Following the Christmas buffet at Pedham Place last night, which was a very pleasant evening, there are a number of members who are yet to renew their membership.

If you do not intend to renew, please could you advise Bill Wheeler as we are constantly being chased by people on the waiting list enquiring if there will be places available.

If you intend to re-join, please can you forward your renewal form and payment as soon as possible. You have until the 31/12/15 to renew, after which you risk losing your place to someone on the waiting list, or at best will have to pay the joining fee again.

Individual reminders will not be sent out. Excuses like “I did not receive the form” will not be taken into account, all members know when renewals are due and it is their responsibility to submit them in time.