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Message from Alan Cooper


Message from Alan Cooper 1

I was up the field Thursday and before I got there another 2 models where lost in the crops, and are still in there.

So as a bit of fun Malcolm Dougall and I are going to mount a video camera on the end of the longest pole we can make. To keep it light at the end of the pole this we be an FPV set up and to cause least damage to the crops with only one small person (hopefully one of my grandchildren) walking a grid line with a walkie-talkie. With all the angles we are hoping to cover a width of at least 40ft with each pass.

What would be helpful is a treasure map to indicate where these models approximately are, and how many are actually still out there. what would be the best/easiest way to achieve this. ?

I think it best if we try to find as many lost models as possible. We don’t want to be responsible for braking the combine harvester.

If this works it could be used in the future to find lost models on the same day.

If you have lost a model in the crops surrounding the patch in the last few weeks and have had no luck finding it, if you can advise the area in which it was lost to [email protected] I will pass it on.

The rapeseed will most likely not be harvested until late July so we have maybe another 10 weeks of the potential for difficulty in finding models which do not make it back to the patch.

The Loc8tor model finder, according to the reports we have had, seems to be pretty hopeless, so I have been looking for an alternative which does not cost as much as the model which it is supposed to save…no luck so far.