Outer Gate

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A couple of years ago we fitted alternative hinges to the outer gate to the field, because the original hinges had worn and allowed the gate to drop so that it was difficult to close.

The arrangement has been adjusted once since then, because of either movement in the supporting post or in the new hinges. Because of the size of the gate in relation to the upright that supports it, a very small difference in the position of the upright allows a significant deflection downward in the end of the gate so that it will no longer easily clear the bottom of the pocket where it locates to be locked.

The new movable hinges cannot be adjusted up any further because the old hinges are restricting further movement. So either the top lug on the gate post or the lug on the gate need to be removed whilst the gate is still in place (The gate is very heavy).

Now this would be a long job with a hacksaw, so I wonder if anyone in the club has the kit or skills to do the job in an easier manner. Blowing it off with oxyacetylene would be quick and neat if someone has the kit and the skills, otherwise I suppose its a job for an angle grinder powered by a portable generator.

Please get in touch if you think you can help.

Bill Wheeler