Please help trace a model stolen at Southern Model Air Show

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Model stolen from the security tent at SMAS last night. Not owned by a club member, but he has a number of friends who are also as it isrelatively local I thought putting on here may help. Its copied from Facebook.

What a brilliant weekend at Headcorn model show.
During the night some thieving scum sliced the model tent open and stole my Comp arf Ultra Lightning.
Fitted with a pretty new Jetcat 160rxib.
This is a well known model and will be seen if someone tries to sell it.
Please share this as much as possible.
I’m done with this hobby. I’ve had enough!

JThe security company advised the gate near the model tent should be covered by a security guard.
The event organisers declined this on the quote and didn’t have any security cover on this gate, despite having it covered by a guard last year!