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Your Chairman’s Report on the Scale Weekend

Well, what a weekend, very much dominated by the weather once again.

Saturday was wet and windy but the car boot sale started extra early (about 8.30am) due to the wind and rain the numbers were down but still there were some bargains to be had and those that did turn out were rewarded with some genuine bargains. One member picked up a brand-new kit with all the accessories worth around £800 for just £120. The club offers free tea, coffee and biscuits which went down well in the cold and wet weather.

Sunday dawned bright and breezy and turbulent for the Scale meeting. As usual there were some beautiful models to view but many were not flown due to the gusty north westerly wind.

Some people flew and we were treated to some great flying in difficult conditions.

Here are a few photos taken by me. But others may have taken some others.

In summery the weather continues to challenge us all but we still had a great weekend at the club.

Bob Ryan