9th July club night cancelled until further notice.

Your Chairman’s report on Bickley Fun Fly 2023.

How often do we start reports by talking about the weather? This is no exception! The forecast suggested heavy rain from late morning, they got that wrong. We had 95% cloud cover with just a few rain drops and virtually no wind until late afternoon. Excellent. 

Now to the competition: We had 20 competitors and four rounds were flown. Round one was climb and glide in groups of five. The last two from each group went through to the fly off. The models only climbed for 15 seconds but even so some models made it to tremendous height.

Round two was touch and goes. Two points for landing on the marked area and one point for landing on the patch. 

Round three was limbo but without the tape across the top, two points for a successful pass but you could earn an extra point by doing a touch and go on the marked area. It sounds simple but it was really difficult to line up for the touch and go and then the limbo.

The last round was a touch and go pylon race. Take off race to the pylon, turn around do a touch and go then race off to the pylon again. Do that three time as fast as you can, easy! Well, not quite, the race part is done as fast as possible but the touch and goes are done at much slower speed and there is the challenge.

The competition was sponsored by London area BMFA and supported by The British fun fly association -a special thanks to James and Gavin- Avicraft, J Perkins and not forgetting your committee who put a lot of effort into making it all work. The competition was also part of the Kent Interclub league and publicised and supported by them.

We had lots of mystery prizes , all wrapped in Christmas wrapping by Steve Brett. Winners had first  choice but had no idea what they had chosen. It was a great day. Everyone got a prize. 

Thank you to all supporters and competitors. We look forward to next year’s event and everything in between.


Bob Ryan

BMFC Chairman.