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Back in the air. Additional rules for the field during Covid-19 Pandemic

  1. The first person to arrive at the flying field is to leave the middle gate open provided that the outer gate is locked but leave the middle gate padlock locked onto the gate post. The last person to leave the flying field is to lock the middle gate and the outer gate.
  2. All members should always comply with the government’s requirements and BMFA’s comments for social separation and hygiene. If possible, please Have some means of cleaning your hands before and after handling the gates and locks.
  3. Only three pilots will be allowed to fly at any one time.
  4. Three individual pilot’s boxes will be placed on the normal pilot box area. Each pilot must stay in their box during the flight. The individual pilots’ boxes will be three metres apart.
  5. In addition to the three fixed wing pilots a single helicopter may be flown in the corner of the field but only in hovering mode.
  6. Camping after 12th April 2021 is permitted, but requires express permission from the committee. An email based booking system is in place.
  7. The Committee reserve the right to close access to the field at any time without notice if conditions of the Covid 19 emergency require it.
  8. No guest flyers will be allowed.
  9. Any member who deliberately does not comply with these rules may have their membership suspended or may lose their membership.