Halloween Party


Halloween Party 1

Don’t forget the clubs Halloween Party at the field next Saturday 3rd of November.

As previously this will be a low key, informal affair for members and their families only.

Joe and Ange will be supplying food, similar to before,  pizzas, jacket potatoes and fillings. As prediction of numbers is difficult there will be a finite amount of food available, so arrive early.

Members to bring their own drinks and any additional food they may want. We will almost certainly be firing up the barbecue if the weather permits.

There will be a chemical toilet on site.

Appropriate costumes although not essential, would be good.

We hope that the weather will be kind and enable some night flying, so if you have anything suitable, bring it along.

As this years party falls between the Halloween and Guy Fawkes celebration nights, Joe has said he will be bringing some fireworks; if you want to bring some of your own, feel free to do so.
We will work out some safe system for letting them off when we find out what will be there on the night.