Terry Adams – F1D World Champs 2024 in summary

Back in the UK now and a good nights sleep behind me, the whole trip back went well with no delays, I even treated myself to a taxi to make the final leg from Heathrow to Horley, unfortunately along the way  I have managed to pick up a cold at some point so first day in the UK I have a runny nose and feeling crap.

Seven days in a salt mine historically would have been a form of penal servitude, but for us its was the high point of the year, a huge amount of learning took place resulting in brain overload with potential new ideas, together with the opportunity to meet up with and chat to the best in the game, these include both the outgoing world champ Brett Sanborn and the incoming Kang Lee.

Would I do it again – yes certainly if the opportunity arises (qualification for the UK team starts in only a few weeks).

Attached are a few photos and videos for your entertainment, if you are interested in the black art of indoor duration flying contact me at [email protected], we can always get you to a trial session to see if its for you.

The link below takes you to a facebook page that has been following this event and indoor duration in general

*If you click on the photo of the ceiling above, you will see Terry’s plane near the green orb at 148ft.

And a link to a video: