Request for help with work party next Tuesday.

Message from the weed Master General AKA Bob Ryan. I was down the field for a while today. On the way in I stopped at the middle gate and decided to try pulling out some of the large yellow weeds. To my surprise they came out  quite easily and after about half an hour I had cleared an area about 20 feet each side of the gate. It would have … Read More

Models, kits engines and accessories for sale.

Richard Hobson received the attached list which he has forwarded to me to put up on the site. I telephoned the contact Graham Brown to see if the list was valid and to check if he was prepared to post items as he is in Oswestry which is very nearly North Wales. Some of the larger items may be worth travelling for, particularly if you are up in that direction … Read More

New floor in the shelter

Unfortunately, the appearance of the new floor in the shelter which was only finished about a week ago, has already been spoilt by some thoughtless person(s) getting cooking oil over a significant area near the west end doorway.                   As a consequence, the committee regret, that in an effort to maintain the condition of this valuable new asset, cooking in the shelter … Read More

Message from Bob Ryan the chairman about the new flooring in the shelter

The shelter paving is now complete. The photos were taken before the screening and sealing were done. Please make every effort to keep it looking like this, if you leave a mess / rubbish, someone else will have to clear it up and that will not be tolerated. The sealing should help prevent stains but if you drop liquid or something which might leave a mark please wipe it up. … Read More

Another Rapeseed victim saved, Simon Squire says thank you.

  Good morning Bill, Just a short message to say that I had a flight at the patch yesterday that ended in a premature dumb thumb flight, I would like to say a big thanks to the help I received from our members to retrieved my foamy from the vegetation. Many thanks, Simon. Simon was not sure of the members names but sounds like Alan Cooper and one of his … Read More

Report from John Norman on Loc8tor used as a model finder.

See email from John Norman who bought one of the Loc8tors to use as a model finder. Test results disapponting, Bill.  Put tag at end of our garden behind a privet hedge.   At a distance of approximately 30 metres the device  only indicated a ‘find’ twice out of six attempts.  It just isn’t reliable enough for our purposes.  At a distance of 8 metres it finds every time.  The suppliers … Read More

Outer gate fixed and floor of the shelter started

Very early last Saturday before the swap meet, Alan Cooper cut off the old outer gate hinges. (very neat job thanks Alan) Yesterday a crack team from the committee, with the aid of a trolly jack supplied by Jon Young, lifted the gate (now unhindered by the old hinge lugs) to a height whereby it now shuts without fouling the lower ramp on the closure. We did however forget to … Read More

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